“God still loves you”

I had the privilege to share this with Mark, a 54 year old truck driver in Florida USA. A big burly guy with hands like saucepans and as tough as leather. At the time he was unemployed because he had lost his driver’s license due to his alcohol problem. He had also recently lost his home and was sleeping rough. We got to the part in the book where he wrote down his past experiences and he wrote the words guilt and shame. He shared that when he was nineteen years old he rolled his pick up truck, killing his girlfriend Cindy. He had lived with that guilt and shame for 35 years, hiding from reality in a life of alcoholism. No one had ever told him that God still loves him and no one had ever explained that Jesus died on the cross to set him free through the power of forgiveness. As this big guy said the prayer, tears rolling down his face, he grasped the reality of the love of God for him.