“This book is a great resource, from a gifted evangelist, to help share the gospel effectively.”

Simon Ponsonby Pastor of Theology,
St Aldates Church, Oxford, UK

Mark Jackson and Pete Jones have been reaching out intelligently, faithfully and fruitfully for years to lost people of all ages and stations.  They are members of a Church nicknamed ‘a House of Prayer for all nations at the heart of Oxford’ and as such pray and work ceaselessly for revival across the world.

I heartily commend this book to be given to and read by any asking the vital question: ‘Why on earth would I want to be a Christian?’”

Charlie Cleverly Rector of St Aldates Oxford.

When you hear from Mark Jackson you know you’re hearing something completely authentic. Here’s his clear and simple introduction to the truth that has changed his life and that he loves to share. 

Revd. Dr Sarah Hartley