About us

Fishermanden Ministries was started by two friends, Mark Jackson and Peter Jones
in 2013.

“Mark Jackson and Pete Jones have been reaching out intelligently, faithfully and fruitfully for years to lost people of all ages and stations.  They are members of a Church nicknamed ‘a House of Prayer for all nations at the heart of Oxford’ and as such pray and work ceaselessly for revival across the world.

I heartily commend this book to be given to and read by any asking the vital question: ‘Why on earth would I want to be a Christian?’”

Charlie Cleverly. Rector of St Aldates Oxford.

Fishermanden means “Fisher of Men” in Krio, the local language from Kroo Bay, Sierra Leone.Fishermanden-web2

Mark Jackson lives in the US and the UK with his wife Helen where he has a ministry to the poor and to prisoners. He wrote the book “Why on Earth would I want to be a Christian” in response to a question from a teenager in Sierra Leone, and decided to publish it in order to reach as many people as possible with this simple but profound message. The first two people that Mark showed the book two prayed the prayer and asked God into their lives, including his daughter.

Peter Jones lives and works in Oxford as a designer with his wife Titilola and two children. He is also the Regional Advocate for Alpha for Prisons and Caring for Ex-Offenders. He has run the Alpha course in the local prison for the last 6 years and has seen hundreds of men come to faith in prison.

The aim of Fishermanden Ministries is to lead as many people as possible to Christ, especially the poor. For this reason we want to give as many copies of the book away, especially in prisons. We have also made the book available to anyone to read on the internet, anywhere in the world, for free.

Please download a copy, order copies of the book to give away, or donate to us so that we can print and give the book away.