About the book

‘ Why on earth would I want to be a Christian?’ – how it all started…

In September 2010, my wife Helen and I led a mission from our church in Oxford to the slums of Kroo Bay, Freetown, Sierra Leone, joining missionaries from our church working with ‘Word Made Flesh’.

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Our mission was two-fold. The men to build a play park on the fringe of Kroo Bay, and the women to run a week long holiday club for the local children that did not have the funds to attend school.

The theme of the school was based on the teachings of Jesus relating to fishing and water as we were on the coast. We taught them to sing songs, and they taught us their local versions including “Fishermanden”, which translated from Krio means ‘fisher of men’.

On Saturday morning 18 September 2010 we all went to the beach to play frisbee with a group of former street children. Soon after arriving a local teenager approached me and asked  “Are you a Christian?”. Slightly concerned about his motives I responded  “Yes I am”.

He introduced himself as Jonathan  and asked if we could talk privately further along the beach. My concern was growing, but I agreed.

He then asked me the very question “Why on earth would I want to be a Christian?”

How on earth do you begin to answer that question especially to a young lad who speaks a similar but pidgeon English. My immediate response was to pray my favourite prayer….”God help !”….and then He did.

I sat down with Jonathan and began to draw in the sand. I drew a stick man which represented him in the sand. I drew God as a smiling face in Heaven, and Jesus represented as a cross. He understood everything. We wrote down all his past experiences between his birth and now and I demonstrated the forgiveness of Jesus by smoothing over the sand so they were no more.

He arrived at that crossroads where he made his choice. He decided and said “I want this Jesus”.

This booklet is exactly as I drew in the sand that Saturday 18 September 2010 and after praying that prayer in the booklet for Jonathan he accepted the gift of Jesus and danced in the sand.

I hope and pray this will help you find the meaning of life too.

If when you have finished with your booklet, pass it onto someone else, or leave it somewhere where someone else might find it.

Booklets are available through the website whyonearth.org or can be downloaded.

Together let us spread the good news of Jesus.

Mark Jackson